Gift Items

6 Bag Gift Box

This beautifully presented gift box contains 6 different 90g bags of popping corn. This makes 6 large bowls or 12 portions.

Cinema Pack

The Home Cinema Pack contains 2 of Zaramama's most popular varieties of popping corn. Makes about 10 portions of popcorn. Our popping oil is UK grown, cold pressed, extra virgin rapeseed oil. This has a light nutty flavour and a high smoke point, making it ideal for popping corn.

Quad Pack

Popcorn & Seasoning - 4  x 90g bags of Popcorn and 4 sachets of Seasoning, flavours include Maple Syrup flavour, Cheese, Vanilla flavour and Chilli & Lime. All natural ingredients.  Makes 8 servings or 4 large bowls of popcorn.


Eight Till Late

Eight Till Late Popcorn Carry Pack... For marathon movie nights!
Contains 8 bags of ZaraMama assorted popping corn. Makes 8 large bowls or 16 portions.

Bee Pack 

Contains 4 x 90g bags of popcorn for you to enjoy and a packet of Bee friendly seeds to grow in your garden. There are approximately 25 large sunflower seeds, the Bees will enjoy these in the summer, then leave the flower heads on through Autumn for the birds to enjoy a nutritious meal.



Crate Pack

The Popcorn Crate Pack contains 3 x 400g bags of ZaraMama's most popular varieties of popping corn.  Varieties may vary from picture shown.

Valentine Bag

Rich Ruby Red - deep red kernels with a distinctive light nutty flavour. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or all year round for your sweetheart.